Our Commitment to Conservation

Steel is the most recycled material in the world, with more than 80 million tons recycled annually – more than paper, aluminum, plastic and glass combined. As a manufacturer of steel products, we take seriously our responsibility to minimize the impact our operations will have on the environment now and in the future. By sourcing eco-friendly raw materials and recycling, we’re doing our part to minimize energy consumption and keep valuable resources from being buried in landfills. 85% of the steel material we use is generated from post-production scrap.

We recycle:

Primary raw materials
Unused steel components including tubing, sheet metal and wire

Secondary materials
Office paper, cardboard, linerboard, pallets, wood components and plastic packaging

By keeping up to date with the latest industry technologies and sustainability initiatives, we’re constantly working to improve efficiencies, reduce waste, and lessen our carbon footprint.

To learn more about steel visit: www.recycle-steel.org