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Stainless Steel Wire Baskets

Companies across numerous industries need heavy-duty wire baskets for a wide range of demanding applications. For increased durability and corrosion resistance, stainless steel baskets offer the higher durability many companies require.

Rockford Specialties is your source for quality, durable stainless steel industrial baskets. In business for more than 40 years, we provide customized stainless steel wire forming services to a range of industries, including:

Stainless Steel Industrial Baskets

Stainless steel wire offers a number of advantages over other forms of wire:

  • Durability. Its high tensile strength, high impact tolerance, and exceptional scratch resistance make it useful for applications such as industrial baskets.
  • High-temperature resistance. Unlike other materials such as carbon steel and aluminum, which tend to warp and bend when subjected to high temperatures, stainless steel will retain its integrity even when subjected to very high heat.
  • Corrosion resistance. Certain manufacturing processes involve harsh chemicals and corrosive solvents which can quickly damage materials such as carbon steel. Stainless steel can undergo extended exposure to these types of chemicals and still maintain its structural integrity.

We can customize a solution suitable for integration into your existing frameworks and equipment. Rockford Specialties’ stainless steel wire forming and fabrication services can fabricate square and circular wire baskets to your specific measurements, and wire in sizes ranging from .091” to .5”, giving you a wide range of strength in the final product

We also have a complete range of in-house production services for stainless steel wire forming, including:

  • Press brake forming
  • MIG, TIG, resistance, and robotic welding
  • Wire crimping, straightening, and cut-off equipment
  • 2D & 3D automated CNC bending
  • Air bending
  • Passivation and Electropolish Finishes

Additionally, we can accommodate short and long production runs, and provide finished and unfinished goods according to your specifications. Rockford Specialties has the experience and equipment to provide the quality custom wire forming services you need.

Stainless Steel Wire Basket Forming Process

At Rockford Specialties, our stainless steel baskets are developed according to the unique requirements of each customer. Regardless of your needs, our experienced team can craft the right solution for you.


Our forming process for stainless steel wire baskets begins by creating a design that addresses all of your performance requirements. During this stage of the project, you will select your basket’s size, shape, and finish. For many applications, 304 stainless steel provides adequate corrosion resistance and toughness. However, when a higher level of corrosion resistance is required, 316 stainless steel is a great alternative. Its molybdenum content provides additional corrosion resistance properties.

To further enhance your basket’s appearance and durability, we offer a variety of finishing options. Depending on your needs, you might opt for zinc, nickel, or chrome plating, electropolishing, powder coating, or even nylon or vinyl coating. No matter how demanding your needs are, our design team will help you develop a cost-effective solution that will last for many years to come.

Wire forming

After finalizing your custom design, the manufacturing process can begin. We use wire-forming processes to transform blanks or spooled coils of metal into a bent form that matches your design requirements. First, we perform a machine rolling process to straighten the wire. After any deformities have been removed, the material is ready to be shaped into the correct dimensions.

For baskets featuring wire up to 0.5 in. in diameter, we use 2D and 3D CNC bending to shape the wire. This highly efficient process is completely automated and well-suited to large production runs. We also have air bending and press brake forming capabilities, allowing us to meet highly diverse project needs. After the wire has been bent into the desired dimensions, the baskets are ready for finishing processes for further customization.


At Rockford Specialities, we take a tailored approach to basket forming. Each project we work on is completely customized and designed to perform optimally in its end-use application. For example, if you require a heavy-duty stainless steel basket, we can help you identify the most suitable material and enhance its performance with electropolishing or plating. If your basket will be used to handle small parts, we will ensure your design features mesh fine enough to meet your needs. Each basket we create is highly application-specific and crafted with care.

Production Services

We offer competitively priced short and long production runs. Our extensive in-house capabilities ensure that even the most complex project is completed with ease. Our skilled team handles everything from wire crimping and straightening to MIG, TIG, resistance, and robotic welding, and much more. Throughout the entire production process, our quality control department ensures your design requirements are met.

Types of Stainless Steel Wire Baskets

No matter what type of stainless steel wire basket you’re looking for, our team can create a durable solution for you. We meet industry-diverse needs by offering many shapes, including:

  • Square Stainless Steel Baskets. Square steel baskets are commonly used on conveyor systems or assembly lines. They are a popular solution for transporting raw materials, tools, and finished products throughout a workspace.
  • Rectangular Stainless Steel Baskets. Rectangular stainless steel baskets are used throughout many industries, particularly when constructed from wire mesh. They are an excellent solution for storing or washing small parts, particularly when electropolished for added corrosion resistance.
  • Round Stainless Steel Baskets. Round stainless steel baskets are highly versatile and can be used in applications that range from material handling to straining, filtration, and much more.

Stainless Steel Wire Baskets by Rockford Specialties

Rockford Specialties is your source for expertly crafted stainless steel wire baskets. Our family-owned business specializes in solving complex fabrication challenges and has been meeting diverse industry needs for over 40 years. To get started on your solution, get in touch with our team today.