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Metal Furniture Fabrication

For over 40 years, Rockford Specialties Co. has provided metal fabrication services to high-end metal furniture manufacturers, supplying them with high-quality frames, bases, and other custom furniture components. We complete every step of the fabrication process from design to assembly, with the capabilities to produce even the most complex custom configurations and prototypes.

What Is Metal Fabrication?

Metal fabrication involves converting raw metal materials into specially designed components for use in an assembly. Each component requires specific fabrication processes, with some designs more complex than others. Metal fabricators consider the intended application to determine which fabrication processes are necessary to produce each component. Fabrication processes include drilling, tapping, cutting, welding, wire forming, marking, and more.

Metal Fabrication Process for Furniture Components, Frames, & Bases

Metal fabrication is a key process in producing components for many types of furniture, including tables, benches, chairs, and other indoor and outdoor pieces. The fabrication process entails designing components based on each customer’s unique requirements and specifications. Made-to-order custom components enable furniture manufacturers to optimize their existing products and offer new ones to expand their catalog.

Based on your individual needs, Rockford Specialties can supply you with precision metal components that improve your current offerings while giving you the chance to offer new and exciting furniture products.

Depending on what you require, we offer a variety of end-to-end metal fabrication processes, including:

  • Prototyping — When designing a new product, our metal fabricators will develop a functioning prototype before proceeding with manufacturing.
  • Wire Forming — Through wire forming, we can bend, shape, flatten, or coil wire pieces into a specific configuration using mechanical force.
  • Metal Cutting — The cutting process involves splitting metal sheets into smaller sections. Rockford Specialties uses laser cutting machines to achieve clean, precise, and consistent edges. 
  • Forming and Welding — These processes entail press brake forming, metal inert gas (MIG) welding, and tungsten inert gas (TIG) welding. 
  • Finishing — We also offer finishing services to maximize the visual appeal of your furniture components and end products. Finishing services include electropolishing, plating, vinyl coating, powder coating, and nylon coating.

Benefits of Metal Fabricated Furniture Components

Metal fabrication offers numerous benefits for producing many types of metal furniture parts.

Improved Techniques

Custom metal fabrication involves using sophisticated techniques and equipment to achieve precise, repeatable results. 

Increased Customizability

With a company that specializes in custom metal furniture fabrication, you’ll be able to get exactly the components you need for your project.


Custom metal fabricators may also help you save money on custom metal fabricated parts, which could help increase the ROI of these services.

Increased Durability

Metal fabrication processes are designed to develop and maintain the durability of the final metal components.

Added Protection

Furniture components fabricated from sheet metal feature increased resistance to rain, sunlight, and other elements.

Improved Efficiency

Custom metal fabrication is designed to use the most efficient fabrication processes, which enable faster turnaround times without compromising quality.

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If you need custom metal fabrication solutions you can trust, turn to the professionals at Rockford Specialties Co. We’ll assist with every step of the fabrication process to produce custom parts based on your unique requirements.

Contact us today to discover what our services can do for you or to get started on a custom component design.