For over four decades, Rockford Specialties has provided high-quality welded components with a dedication to strength, reliability, and durability. Using advanced welding techniques such as robotic welding, MIG and TIG welding, and resistance welding, we can join wire forms to create custom products based on your unique requirements. Whether you require low- or high-volume production, Rockford Specialties can deliver the welded components you need with fast turnaround times and competitive prices.

Industries & Applications of Welded Components

Rockford Specialties can provide custom welded components to meet the needs of various industries and applications. These include:

  • Automotive Industry. Welded components are commonly used in automotive manufacturing, including body frames, exhaust systems, chassis, mounts, brackets, and suspension components.
  • Construction Industry. We support the construction industry with quality welded components used for infrastructure projects such as bridges, highways, and buildings. Our welding techniques can also be used to join steel columns, beams, and other structural elements.
  • Energy Sector. Welded components play a critical role in the production, transport, and distribution of energy. They are often used in the fabrication of pressure vessels, boilers, pipes, and other equipment used throughout the nuclear, oil and gas, and renewable energy sectors.
  • Manufacturing and Fabrication. The manufacturing and fabrication industries depend on numerous types of equipment and machinery for daily operations. We can produce welded components, such as enclosures, frames, brackets, and more, to ensure this equipment runs safely and smoothly.
  • Agricultural Industry. We can weld combine harvesters, tractor frames, and other farming components used in the manufacturing of agricultural equipment.
  • Medical Industry. The medical industry depends on welded components for the fabrication of hospital beds, surgical instruments, wheelchairs, biohazard sharps containers, and other healthcare products. Our welding processes meet and exceed stringent medical standards for safety, precision, quality, and performance.
  • Military & Defense Industry. We can produce welded components for defense systems, artillery systems, tanks, armored vehicles, and other important military/defense equipment.
  • OEM Parts. Using robotic, resistance, MIG, and TIG welding processes, Rockford Specialties can supply welded components to some of the biggest OEMs in the food processing and automotive industries.
  • Point-of-Purchase (POP) Displays. Our welded components can be used in the production of customized, high-quality, and long-lasting POP displays. They can be designed to display a wide variety of products and can include components such as hooks, literature racks, sign holders, and more.
  • Food Service. Rockford Specialties manufactures high-quality customized welded components that meet the strict requirements of the food service industry. Our experienced welders use the latest technology to provide clean 360° TIG welding, ensuring compliance with stringent sanitary standards.
  • Consumer Products. We can deliver superior welded components for the production of furniture and consumer products. Serving some of the most prominent brand names in the industry, we can weld components for tables, chairs, benches, patio sets, lighting fixtures, and much more.
  • Laboratory Equipment. You can rely on Rockford Specialties for long-lasting welded components for use in laboratory environments. Welded components can be used to create everything from PPE cabinets and stations to stainless steel carts and more.
  • Lawn & Garden. We can produce welded components for use in the manufacturing of lawn mowers, pressure washers, snow blowers, and other types of yard equipment.
  • Electrical. Our advanced resistance, MIG, TIG, and robotic welding capabilities allow us to deliver durable welded components for the electrical industry, such as brackets, connectors, and more.
  • Entertainment. Welded components play a key role in various entertainment applications, including props, sets, structural frames, and more.


Rockford Specialties utilizes various types of metal materials to create welded components, including:

  • Plate Metal. Plate metal is a common type of raw material used in metal fabrication and can be used to produce a wide variety of parts.
  • Fittings. Fittings are standardized components used to enhance a product’s strength, functionality, and ease of fabrication.
  • Castings. Cast components are produced by pouring liquid metal into a mold and letting it cool into the desired shape. Common metals used for casting include magnesium, copper, silver, gold, stainless steel, steel, iron, or aluminum.
  • Formed and Expanded Metal. This material is made from stock sheet metal that has been sheared in a press. It is known for its interlinked strands of metal with diamond-shaped holes.
  • Hardware. Hardware can include various components such as wires, chains, latches, keys, locks, handles, and corners.
  • Sectional Metals. Sectional metals are commonly made of steel and come in a variety of standard shapes, including rods, bars, and I-beams.
  • Welding Wire. Welding wire consists of easily soldered metals that have been formed into thin rods. They aid in the welding process and can be melted to help bond two or more metal pieces together.

Welded Components From Rockford Specialties

At Rockford Specialties, we can provide custom welded components that meet your exact specifications for size, shape, tolerance, and performance. We also offer custom finishing, high-quality edging, durable packaging, and in-house design and engineering capabilities to deliver turnkey solutions. For more information about our welding processes, or to get started on your custom welded components, contact us today.