Put a dazzling and durable finishing touch on your metal products with high-quality, long-lasting custom metal finishing from Rockford Specialties.

Rockford Specialties supplies a wide variety of finishing options that make your product visually appealing, protect them from wear and tear, and meet the most rigorous industry specifications.

For more than 40 years, Rockford Specialties has offered superior finishing services for all your mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum components and parts.

Rockford Specialties offers:

  • Plating (zinc, nickel and chrome)
  • Powder Coating
  • Electropolishing
  • Nylon Coating
  • Vinyl Coating

Our highly-trained staff fully utilizes the latest finishing technologies. Rockford Specialties has the industry experience and technical expertise to deliver the customized high-quality finishing you want, the way you want it, when you want it.

Select the finishing option best suited to your project – from industrial applications to high-end point-of-purchase displays.

Providing the finishing you need

Metal finishing services


  • Zinc: Offers excellent corrosion protection and is economical. Zinc is hard and brittle but becomes pliable if subjected to extreme heat. Produces a smooth, clean finish.
  • Nickel: Enhances the corrosion resistance, wear resistance and hardness of stainless steel. It also makes it easier to solder, improves its resistance to radiation and increases its electrical conductivity. Produces a smooth, even coating.
  • Chrome: Ideal for environments that with low oxygen or reduced air circulation. Gives stainless steel added durability to withstand regular wear and tear. Adds a distinctive, shiny look.

Powder coating
Powder coating for metal fabrication provides superior protection. Components are coated with dry powder using a multi-step process and creates a layer resistant to chipping, cracking, and peeling. Powder coating provides durability and is usually environmentally friendlier than paint-based liquid finishes.

Stainless steel electropolishing services remove material from a metal component, reducing surface roughness and improving the surface finish. Used to polish, passivate, and deburr metal parts. Aesthetically pleasing. Creates a clean, smooth surface easier to clean.

Nylon coating
Nylon coating is commonly used to protect steel and aluminum. Applied either electrostatically or in a fluid bed. Protects from corrosion, impact and abrasion. Also provides noise reduction, chemical resistance, UV exposure.

Vinyl coating
Vinyl coating protects metals from potentially hazardous ultraviolet rays, abrasion, and corrosion. Also offers chemical and electrical resistance, low surface friction, and substantial impact protection, which improves durability. Ideal finish for storage racks, wire fabrication, and outdoor furniture.

Delivering the service you deserve

Custom metal finishing

For more than three decades, Rockford Specialties has provided high-quality, long-lasting, laser-cut components and industrial custom fabricated wire for use in a wide variety of industries.

Our dedicated experts work closely with you every step of the way to design, develop, and deliver the precision-crafted part and customized wire that meets – and exceeds – your performance expectations.

Rockford Specialties has the experience, the expertise, and the equipment you need.

Rockford Specialties is your perfect custom wire form partner


  • Operating for 40 years
  • Family-owned
  • Dedicated customer service team


  • Rigid quality control processes and procedures
  • Effortlessly complete complex, challenging configurations, including production quality prototypes
  • Flexibility to accommodate small and large production runs
  • Meet time-sensitive delivery deadlines


  • Utilize state-of-the-art wire forming and laser cutting technology
  • Headquartered in Rockford, IL – in the heartland of America