Wire products such as custom wire assemblies and material handling solutions are produced through metal bending, welding, and other wire forming processes. Our wire products offer a wide range of industrial applications, including food service, furniture, OEMs, and medical and laboratory services.

Wire forming involves applying mechanical force to bend, shape, flatten, or form wire into a desired configuration. The material used for wire forming can consist of various metal types, like mild steel and stainless steel, to create different shapes.

At Rockford Specialties, we have the equipment, knowledge, and experience to deliver tailor-made solutions that meet or exceed our customers’ expectations. We offer a wide selection of custom wire forming services, which include:

  • Automated CNC bending (2D and 3D)
  • Air and special bending
  • Crimping
  • Custom finishing and assembly
  • Press and brake forming
  • Robotic, resistance, TIG, and MIG welding
  • Wire straightening and cut-off

Our secondary production services include drilling, riveting, chamfering, tapping, punching, swedging, and reaming. Our precision custom wire forming services manufacture integral components for a broad range of industries and applications, from food service to medical equipment and more. Learn more about the benefits and types of wire products, as well as the materials used and industries served by these wire forms.

Benefits of Wire Products

Using industrial metal wire products provides several key benefits, such as the following:

  • Versatility: Wire products are suitable for various applications and easily manipulated to form a variety of sizes and shapes.
  • Durability: Wire products are made of strong, durable materials and designed to withstand the challenges presented by harsh conditions and heavy loads.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Wire product manufacturing requires fewer raw materials and energy, making it more cost-effective than other processes. The lightweight nature of wire products also decreases shipping costs.
  • Workability: Wire products can be easily cut, twisted, and bent into desired sizes and shapes, making them a preferred choice for OEMs and other manufacturers.

Types of Wire Products

Wire product manufacturing involves processes such as wire bending and welding to create a wide variety of items, such as those listed below:

  • Wire Baskets: Often used for bulk storage of components, parts, and equipment, wire baskets consist of welded wire mesh. Certain types can have an electro-galvanized, rust-resistant finish that prevents rusting and excessive wear. The open mesh design of a wire basket offers superior strength, visibility, forklift access, and inventory control, so production facilities often utilize wire baskets for easy access and strategic parts sorting.
  • Furniture: Wire products function as visual and structural elements in furniture, such as molded leather barstools, loveseat frames, seat bases, tables, and sofas.
  • Push Handles: These wire forms are found in various applications, such as doors, lawnmowers, carts, window handles, and other equipment.
  • Display Racks: Typically used to display products in retail settings, wire product display racks are both lightweight and sturdy, providing a reliable solution for holding products for consumer use. Display racks can be strategically placed and moved throughout a retail location, including the cash register as a point-of-purchase display. They are easy to transfer to high-traffic points in the store and offer a convenient way to store merchandise for inventory counting and future sales.
  • Grids and Wire Grills: Wire products are commonly found in applications such as grates, commercial oven racks, smoker and grill racks, shelving, and refrigeration.

Industries Served

Rockford Specialties is a trusted wire product manufacturer providing a wide selection of wire products for the following industries:

  • Consumer Products: We provide exceptional prototypes, flawlessly finished components, and custom industrial wire forming services to some of the most recognized brands in the lighting design and metal furniture industry.
  • Furniture: As a long-time supplier of wire products for high-end furniture manufacturers like Herman Miller, Rockford Specialties completes every step of the fabrication process, from initial design to final assembly. Examples of final products using our metal wire forms include chairs, benches, tables, and other indoor and outdoor pieces.
  • Food Service: We manufacture long-lasting, high-quality customized metal and wire products that meet the stringent requirements of the food service and food processing industries for durability, high temperature tolerance, and ease of cleaning.
  • Custom Wire & Metal Point-of-Purchase (POP) Displays: For over 40 years, Rockford Specialties has designed and delivered high-quality, long-lasting, and customized POP displays for a broad range of major retailers, dealers, distributors, retail outlets, and global brands.
  • Medical & Laboratory Equipment: As a leading wire product manufacturer, we have developed a variety of medical and laboratory parts using a custom medical wire-forming process that exceeds the most demanding requirements for performance, precision, quality, and safety.
  • Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Parts: For several decades, Rockford Specialties has manufactured high-quality OEM parts and is a leading supplier to some of the most recognized brands in the food processing and automotive industries.

Materials Used in Our Wire Products

Rockford Specialties uses the following materials to create premium wire products:

  1. Stainless Steel: Stainless steel is a popular metal choice for wire products due to its exceptional strength and corrosion-resistant properties. Steel wire products are available in various grades, such as 304 and 316 stainless steel, to meet the performance requirements of the end-use application. 
  2. Mild Steel: Mild steel costs less than stainless steel and is finished with a nickel, zinc, or powder coating to prevent rust. We process mild steel components ranging from 0.091” to 0.50” in thickness.

Custom Wire Products by Rockford Specialties

Rockford Specialties is a leading industry supplier of wire products, with full-service capabilities that include in-house engineering, fabrication, tooling, welding, laser cutting, and wire forming. With over four decades of experience, we have the expertise to design and develop even the most challenging custom configurations.

We have developed strong industry relationships by maintaining repeatability and tight tolerances, handling high-volume runs, and delivering superior quality parts and components with every order. If you need quality American-made wire products delivered on time and at competitive prices, work with Rockford Specialties. We implement robust automation equipment and can easily adjust production schedules based on customer demands.

Contact us or request a quote to learn more about our wire products and how we can help meet the demands of your next project.