Industrial Wire Forming Services


Rockford Specialties provides superior prototypes, custom industrial wire forming services, and flawlessly finished components to some of the most prominent names in furniture and lighting design.

We are a preferred supplier to Herman Miller, a relationship we earned by demonstrating proficiency in handling high volume runs while maintaining tight tolerances and repeatability, and by delivering only the highest quality components with each and every order. All of our products routinely pass the most rigorous furniture industry testing for weld integrity and strength and stability.

We also offer in-house Engineering Services, custom industrial laser cutting, fabrication of production quality prototypes, and small production runs to meet the unique manufacturing needs of artisanal designers.

Rockford Specialties has experience fabricating components and providing assembly for a variety of commercial and residential grade products including chairs, rockers, benches, tables and lighting.


Mild & Stainless Steel and Aluminum
2D & 3D Automated Bending
Laser Cutting
MIG, TIG, Resistance & Robotic Welding
Custom Finishing
Engineering Services
Quality Control & Testing
Packaging, Assembly & Drop Shipping


Rockford Specialties manufactures custom formed wire and sheet metal products that meet the demanding requirements of the food processing and food service industries for sanitation, ease of cleaning, durability and high temperature tolerance.

We have experience fabricating a wide range of products including baskets and trays for industrial baking conveyors and oven systems, refrigerator shelving, oven racks, grill and smoker racks, commercial coffee baskets, and tabletop organizers and displays.

We manufacture to customer-provided specs, or our Engineering & Design team will work with you to develop just the right piece to suit your needs.

We accommodate both short and long runs, and provide production quality prototyping, fast turn around, passivation (if required), and several custom finishing options including powder painting and chrome.


Mild & Stainless Steel and Aluminum
Wire, Tube & Sheet Metal
CNC 2D & 3D Automated Bending
MIG, TIG, Resistance and Robotic Welding
Laser Cutting
Prototype & Production Fabrication
Custom Finishing
Engineering & Design Services
Packaging, Assembly & Drop Shipping


Rockford Specialties specializes in the design, engineering, fabrication and assembly of custom point-of-purchase displays. From countertop displays to freestanding floor displays, our creative team will work with you to develop a unique eye-catching POP that will distinguish your product from the competition. Our experienced engineering staff employs the latest industry technologies to ensure optimal manufacturing efficiency and cost-effectiveness. And we provide production quality prototypes for customer approval, so you can be confident the display meets your expectations before production begins.

Rockford Specialities has experience producing custom displays for the clothing, sporting goods, health and beauty, food, gaming, and gift card industries. We manufacture our displays using a variety of materials including formed wire, sheet metal, woods, plastics, and laminates. Our capabilities also include integration of specialty features such as graphics, rotational capabilities, lighting, adjustable shelving, and sliding or hinged doors. And with a selection of custom finishing options, we will help you choose just the right look to maximize the visibility and appeal of your product.

Whether you are looking to market a new item or boost sales of an existing product, Rockford Specialties is your single source for custom point-of-purchase displays from concept to completion. With extensive experience in the POP industry, we offer valuable insight into various retailers preferred merchandising requirements to facilitate in-store positioning.

When you need a custom point-of-purchase display, look no further than Rockford Specialties. We offer over 40 years of experience, in-house design and fabrication for single-source accountability, fast turn arounds and competitive pricing, and are one of the most trusted names in the industry.


Engineering & Design
AutoCAD & SolidWorks Development
Production Quality Prototyping
Wire Forming
Laser Cutting
Custom Finishing
Packing & Shipping


Rockford Specialties is a trusted provider of custom formed wire and sheet metal products to some of world’s largest healthcare and medical research companies. We have a proven track record of producing durable, sanitary, functional pieces that meet the stringent quality requirements for use in all types of healthcare facilities (hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, doctor’s offices) and laboratories.

We offer expert wire forming and laser cutting capabilities with tight tolerances and repeatability. Our experienced welders employ the latest technology to provide clean 360° TIG welding for compliance with the strictest sanitary requirements for use in sterile environments. We also feature a selection of custom finishing options to ensure your product is visually appealing as well as sanitary and easy to clean. We accommodate large and small runs alike with flexible production tailored to your project. And we offer in-house Design Services, Engineering Support, Quality Control & Testing, and Packaging & Shipping.

A sampling of our products includes various stainless steel carts, surgical suction canister stands, brackets and wall mounts for Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), PPE cabinets and stations, and biohazard sharps containers.

FDA Registered

We are a registered establishment with the US FDA Center for Devices and Radiological Health.

Registration Number: 3007203968


Rockford Specialties has been manufacturing high quality OEM parts for over 40 years and is a leading supplier to some of the biggest names in the automotive and food processing industries.

Our wire forming capabilities include 2D & 3D automated bending, air & specialty bending, press & brake forming, crimping, MIG, TIG, resistance & robotic welding, and custom finishing of mild and stainless steel from .091” to .50” in diameter.

We also provide quality laser cut components in mild & stainless steel and aluminum. Our equipment features auto load cells for maximum efficiency and cutting speeds up to 800 IPM for mild steel up to .75”, stainless steel up to .625”, and aluminum up to .50″.

Rockford Specialties expertise in OEM manufacturing ensures our customers receive best in class quality, products that meet the highest standards for tolerances and repeatability, and unbeatably fast turn around.


Wire straighten and cut off
2D & 3D automated CNC bending up to 0.50″ diameter
Air and special benders
Press and brake forming
Laser Cutting
MIG, TIG, Resistance and Robotic Welding
Custom Finishing

Work Cell Baskets

Rockford Specialties is a trusted supplier of work cell baskets to some of the largest names in the automotive and food processing industries. With over 40 years of experience in the manufacture of high quality custom formed wire products, customers trust Rockford Specialties to provide unmatched quality and precision and meet their exacting needs for on demand production and just in time delivery. Our exacting standards for engineering & production ensures our products will integrate seamlessly with your parts, automated assembly lines, and pick & place robotic work cells.

Our wire forming capabilities include 2D & 3D automated bending, air & specialty bending, press & brake forming, crimping, and custom finishing of mild and stainless steel from .091” to .5” in diameter. And we feature a highly trained staff knowledgeable in the latest MIG, TIG, resistance & robotic welding technologies.

We offer engineering support from initial development to finished goods inspection and automated production capabilities that support small and large production runs with precision and repeatability.