Metal baskets have applications across diverse industries ranging from automotive to aerospace and healthcare to telecommunications. In the automotive field specifically — a manufacturing sector with a high-speed, high-volume output of critical components — parts must adhere to tight tolerances for product safety. At Rockford Specialties Inc., we understand the needs of automotive manufacturers and create custom wire baskets to address the industry’s unique material handling challenges.

How Does the Auto Industry Use Material Handling Baskets?

The automotive industry has a complex manufacturing process that involves a large number of parts, all of which require protection from damage during heat treatments, washing, transport between stations, and even storage. In this environment, material lifting baskets securely and effectively contain these parts and components for safe handling.

High-quality customized metal baskets are capable of providing added protection by conforming to a component’s shape. A well-developed basket ensures that you can move parts safely and quickly throughout each step in the production process, particularly when they are compatible with your own automated manufacturing systems.

Benefits of Using Metal Baskets in Auto Manufacturing

Custom metal baskets from Rockford Specialties help your automotive manufacturing operation efficiently maintain consistency and precision in your products. Providing part protection through component separation and careful handling minimizes product damage and waste. By remaining fully intact and unscathed, your products will hold tight tolerances and, as you’ll have fewer damaged parts going to scrap, you’ll save on materials, time, and money.

Rugged automotive manufacturing applications call for durable solutions. Crafted from mild and stainless steel, we build our metal baskets to withstand the repeated sterilization and washing that occur during part cleaning and production processes. We can also finish our steel baskets with either abrasion- or chemical-resistant coatings to prevent nicks, scrapes, and general degradation.

Our stackable basket designs lessen the amount of floor space they will require, making them a more compact way to handle and store parts. Also, because you can standardize product lots to match full basket quantities, our baskets can help you improve accuracy in inventory management.

Our wire baskets have unique design features that enhance ease of use, such as interlocking mounting pins, tabs, loops, and handles. We offer several basket styles to address the needs of each step in the manufacturing process. Cell-style baskets help protect machined surfaces, separating components to minimize the risk of damage. Pin-style baskets are useful for holding smaller parts using their internal diameters. The pins are available looped or straight to ensure automotive components’ accurate location, facilitating automated handling processes.

How We Make Metal Material Handling Baskets

Using steel materials ranging from 0.091 inches to 0.5 inches in diameter, our expert engineering and design team produces quality material handling baskets in small or large production runs on our advanced machinery. Our in-house wire-forming capabilities include:

  • Press brake forming
  • Wire straightening, crimping, and cutting
  • Automated 2D and 3D computer numerical control (CNC) bending
  • Air bending
  • Robotic, MIG, TIG, and resistance welding

Rockford Specialties also offers an array of custom finishing selections so that our products will not only meet your application’s safety requirements but also be aesthetically pleasing. Our finishing options include:

  • Electropolishing
  • Chrome, nickel, and zinc plating
  • Powder, nylon, and vinyl coating

We develop custom mild and stainless steel baskets according to your specific requirements and applications. Whether you’re looking for a hoist basket, a work cell basket, or any other type of industrial basket, we can create a product that easily integrates into your existing equipment framework, including robotic work cells and assembly lines.

Contact Rockford Specialties for Custom Auto Material Baskets

Material Handling Baskets for Automotive Manufacturing

Rockford Specialties has over 40 years of experience fabricating custom material handling solutions. We craft our wire products for the automotive manufacturing industry from durable steel and customize circular or square wire baskets to fit your unique dimensional specifications. We will work closely with you from the initial basket development to final inspections and delivery, finding solutions to even the most complex of configuration challenges.

Our team is here to meet your needs with custom products, quick turn times, and competitive pricing. To learn more about our custom material handling baskets for automotive applications, contact our team today.