Custom Wire Form Applications

Rockford Specialties Inc. has been providing high-quality wire forming services for over four decades. We reliably meet custom wire basket and fabrication needs for multiple industries and applications, including consumer goods, point-of-purchase displays, food service, medical and laboratory supply, and OEMs. Our team offers an array of turnkey services, all performed in-house for optimal quality control. You can turn to Rockford Specialties for:

  • Automated 2D and 3D CNC bending
  • Wire straightening and cutting
  • Air bending
  • Press brake forming
  • MIG, TIG, resistance, and robotic techniques for welding components
  • Customized finishings

Custom-Made Wire Baskets

We can design and fabricate industrial-use wire baskets with specific geometries, dimensions, and properties to fit within your existing equipment framework and the needs of your application. We have basket options in varying sizes, and we can give them the strength and corrosion resistance necessary to suit your specific project.

We also offer options for mild steel and stainless steel for certain wire forms services. Whether you require the strength and corrosion resistance of stainless steel or the versatility of mild steel, our team can discuss the best material choice based on your specific application and needs.

Custom Stainless Steel Wire Baskets

Stainless steel wire baskets from Rockford Specialties offer the same versatile design options as our custom basket services — with additional strength, durability, and chemical and thermal resistance capabilities. Our baskets fit seamlessly within preexisting assembly lines, robotic pick and place cells, and other automated processes that rely on highly precise, uniform wire baskets.

Our team can fabricate custom circular or square stainless steel baskets utilizing wires ranging in size from 0.091 to 0.500 inches, enabling us to tailor a wire basket solution with the necessary strength for your operation.

Custom Welded Components

Rockford Specialties offers the following options for comprehensive, in-house solutions and high-quality welded components:

  • Metal inert gas (MIG) welding. This automatic arc technique utilizes a shielding gas and a consumable electrode, melting a wire substrate against a heated welder tip. The molten metal drips onto a base component, allowing it to weld together with another part.
  • Tungsten inert gas (TIG) welding. Another arc process, TIG welding passes an electric arc between a metal base and a tungsten electrode. This arc heats the metal base, allowing welders to join components to it.
  • Resistance welding. Resistance welding heats two metal bases to the melting point using electric current. The molten pool on each component allows welders to connect the metal parts into one.
  • Robotic welding automation. Robotic welding combines mechanized, programmable tooling with various welding techniques to efficiently handle parts and create rapid, highly precise welds across a variety of substrates with minimal waste.

Custom OEM Parts

Manufacturing custom wire OEM parts is one of our core competencies, allowing us to deliver parts with best-in-class quality. We ensure tight tolerances, repeatable accuracy, and unsurpassed turn times for diverse clients. In fact, Rockford Specialties is a leading supplier for some of the most well-known brands in the food processing and automotive sectors.

Our automated wire bending, welding, and finishing services generate mild and stainless steel OEM parts ranging from 0.091 to 0.500 inches in wire diameter.

To achieve fast, efficient sheet metal fabrication, our laser-cutting equipment with automated load cells can reach speeds of 800 IPM for the following material-size maximums:

  • Aluminum: 0.500 inches
  • Stainless steel: 0.625 inches
  • Mild steel: 0.750 inches

Custom Work Cell Baskets

We build custom work cell baskets for assembly lines and robotic work cells for transmission gear lines and much more. Our custom work cell baskets are designed to optimize your workflow and enhance productivity in manufacturing and assembly processes. We create work cell baskets that provide efficient organization, safe transportation, and protection for your components or products.

To further enhance organization and efficiency within your work cell, we can incorporate dividers, removable inserts, or stacking options. The dimensions of the work cell baskets can vary based on your specific requirements. Our work cell baskets are designed to accommodate different load capacities, ranging from lightweight to heavy-duty applications.

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