Companies across numerous industries need custom wire baskets for a wide range of applications. From assembly lines needing to store components for easy retrieval to medical carts needing to secure delicate and expensive diagnostic equipment, having a properly fabricated metal basket can be mission-critical.

Custom Wire Forming Services

Rockford Specialties is your source for quality, secure wire forming. In business for more than 40 years, we provide custom wire basket and fabrication services to a range of industries, including:

We can customize a solution suitable for integration into existing frameworks and equipment.

  • Industrial wire baskets for use in robotic work cells and assembly lines
  • Square and circular wire baskets fabricated to your specific measurements
  • For demanding applications, we can produce stainless steel wire baskets to offer increased strength and corrosion resistance
  • We can work with both mild and stainless steel from .091” to .5”, giving you a wide range of strength in the finished product
Custom Wire Baskets

We have a complete range of in-house production services for wire forming, including:

  • Wire crimping, straightening, and cut-off equipment
  • Press brake forming
  • 2D & 3D automated CNC bending
  • MIG, TIG, resistance, and robotic welding
  • Air bending
  • Custom finishing

We can also accommodate short and long production runs, and provide finished and unfinished goods according to your specifications.

Rockford Specialties has the experience and equipment to provide the quality custom wire forming services you need. Contact us today to learn more.