Food Service
Industrial Baking Baskets, Industrial Baking Trays, Commercial Coffee Baskets, Commercial Racking, Bakery Equipment

Food Service Industry

Rockford Specialties manufactures custom formed wire and sheet metal products that meet the demanding requirements of the food processing and food service industries for sanitation, ease of cleaning, durability and high temperature tolerance.

We have experience fabricating a wide range of products including baskets and trays for industrial baking conveyors and oven systems, refrigerator shelving, oven racks, grill and smoker racks, commercial coffee baskets, and tabletop organizers and displays.

We manufacture to customer-provided specs, or our Engineering & Design team will work with you to develop just the right piece to suit your needs.

We accommodate both short and long runs, and provide production quality prototyping, fast turn around, passivation
(if required), and several custom finishing options including powder painting and chrome.



Mild & Stainless Steel and Aluminum
Wire, Tube & Sheet Metal
CNC 2D & 3D Automated Bending
MIG, TIG, Resistance and Robotic Welding
Laser Cutting
Prototype & Production Fabrication
Custom Finishing
Engineering & Design Services
Packaging, Assembly & Drop Shipping

Custom Metal Products